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Byndo Gehk

Byndo Gehk is a full-grown small nerd from Washington DC with a graphic design background tucked in her pocket, she lives her life through artistic expression, creativity, and a positive-thinking lifestyle. She promotes patience, understanding, and acceptance through her cosplay and social media to help showcase that the cosplay community truly can be for everyone and to make the most out of a passion or hobby while strengthening one's self and uplifting others.

Byndo has been cosplaying for nearly 7 years and has a cornucopia of experience under her belt in crafting both pre-existing designs and creating her own. She's guested conventions and expos all around the US, participated in numerous events to promote and work for businesses, and has been featured in articles and interviews across the web for her various cosplays.

While her most recognizable cosplays are Cindy from Final Fantasy XV, Shy Girl from Mario, and Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, she is perpetually enamored with new and old fandoms alike. Having grown up in a household with adamant gamers and nerds alike it was inevitable that she'd find herself completely immersed in the culture for a long, long time coming. 

In early 2017 she launched her Patreon to take flight with content creation and has never looked back. New monthly cosplays have been able to come to fruition, dream fashion shoots becoming a reality, cosplay and classic boudoir sets being able to finally take place. The out pour of support has been nothing short of astounding, and the goals and aspirations are only getting higher and higher for the kind of quality content she aspires to achieve. 



Partnered with for two years and counting, Byndo holds one of the first ever partnerships gained through streaming Cosplay Creative, aka making her cosplays during live streams on the platform. Through this medium she is able to share techniques, tips and tricks, as well as a detailed step by step process on exactly how much goes into every step towards creating a finished product, as well as answering live Q&A pertaining to any craftsmanship or skill based inquiries posed by her viewers. 

When the time for creation has concluded, it's game on. Overwatch, Final Fantasy XIV online, or Player Unknown Battlegrounds often resonate within her streams to show how her inner gamer is still kicking strong. From healer roles Mercy, to explosive Black Mage, to not-so-motorcycle-driving-skilled squads, it's a great way to wrap up any stream.

A Discord app partner as well, her community is able to blossom and grow even when off-stream through this voice and forum media. From subscriber-only off hour games to watching anime with her following via the app, she keeps her community thriving and up to date with any various breaking news reports of her projects.



The innate sense of creation and wonder doesn't simply stop at crafting costumes in a workshop, it reaches far and wide to reach new lands. New journeys could be down the street, to the opposite coast, or soaring overseas to receive a completely new cultural experience. 

Large gatherings of fellow cosplayers, photographers, videographers, and content creators will occasionally all get together to reach these new heights of exploration in order to create magical, wondrous new experiences and better share them with the world. May it be modeling in the streets of Tokyo, Japan or dining on authentic Italian cuisine in Venice, Italy there is no new far off place that will not fill our hearts with fascination and awe upon visitation.