Byndo Gehk

Byndo Gehk is a full-grown small nerd from the east coast with a degree background in graphic design and lives her life through artistic expression, creativity, and a can-do lifestyle. She promotes positivity, passion, and playfulness through her cosplay and influence to help inspire and uplift others.

While her most recognizable cosplays are Cindy from Final Fantasy XV, Shy Girl from Mario, Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, and various adorable Pokemon!

She now offers multitudes of monthly content on her Patreon, a direct way to support and provide her with the means to continue her craft at full speed ahead!



As a partner of Twitch Byndo holds one of the first ever partnerships gained through streaming Cosplay Creative, or making her cosplays during live streaming on the platform. In this way she's able to share techniques, tips and tricks, as well as a detailed step by step process on exactly how much goes into every part of creating a finished product.

When the time for creating cosplay is done, it's game on. Game streams anywhere from Apex, Division 2, League of Legends, Final Fantasy XIV, and occasionally early access to games. But toxicity levels are low in these here parts! Remember that positivity bit?

Discord partnered, her community is able to blossom and grow even when off-stream through this voice and forum media. From subscriber-only off hour games to watching anime with her following via the app, she keeps her community thriving and up to date with any various breaking news reports of her projects.



The innate sense of creation and wonder doesn't simply stop at crafting costumes in a workshop, it reaches far and wide to reach new lands. New journeys could be down the street, to the opposite coast, or soaring overseas to receive a completely new cultural experience. She has taken her camera and curiosity around the world to share what it has to offer for a Byndo!

Large gatherings of fellow cosplayers, photographers, videographers, and content creators come together to reach these new heights of exploration to create magical, wondrous new experiences and better share them with the world by streaming and vlogging. Modeling in the streets of Tokyo or visiting historic museums in Venice, come experience and appreciate the diverse cultures of our colorful world through the eyes of a colorful character herself!